There has to be something better…

I see in all aspects of life where the status quo is simply not good enough. I watch and read stories everyday of people who do wrong. People that actually show respect, obey the law, do good deeds to others does not show up on nightly news. I don’t see it on Fox or CNN. Well, if you watch long enough you might find one or two good stories buried in there but it is not common practice. The media which includes TV, radio, and internet on virtually every device we possess has raised the level of what we know. Our level of awareness, good or bad, is far greater than it was 25 years ago. From what I read there is not much good left in this world. Has it always been that way and we just did not know it? Or are we heading in the wrong direction as a people? Maybe ignorance is bliss.

I want to believe there is something better. Good does exist. I want my children to learn good deeds, to know what giving means, and to practice tolerance, patience, and respect of others. As a parent, I want to be the example. I think all the time about changing the world. What can I do to make this world a better place? What is my role in this world? This blog might be the start of my world changing experience. This is the main reason I started this blog. I want to write about incredible stories that provide people hope and make people happy. Having kids changed my focus. Gave me a slightly different purpose in life. I want to give my children every opportunity to succeed and be happy but I want them to make this world a better place. After they have died, I want people to talk about what great people my children were. What a difference they made in life… the same way I want people to remember me I guess.

I will try to write in this often. Try to publish something every week. It will be amateurish at first but it will improve. I am not sure how long or short each post will be but it will be long enough to get the message across I promise. I am hopeful that the message you read will be passed on.